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My son Arthur has been attending "Sound of Music School" for over a year now, and I couldn't be happier. His teacher Mrs. Sirarpi is very thorough and patient. She goes above and beyond her duties in order to fulfill my son's potential. Arthur can read notes, and plays music with much joy. He is going to be eight years old soon, and already has a strong music foundation. I highly recommend this school for anyone who is serious about music.



Gayane Khachoyan

"satisfied parent"


My daughter loves to play Violin. And for sure we have chosen the best school which is Sound of Music school 😍. The teachers are amazing, kind, generous and loving. Not ones has she said she doesn't want to practice. This is why I will say that Sound of Music is one of the best ten music schools in L.A. 
Arus Djiglvhjlvyan
"satisfied parent"



My daughter, Scarlett, has been taking piano classes for two years now with Mrss Sirarpi and we couldn't be more happier. Mrs. Sirarpi is very patient with Scarlett, explains things very thoroughly, and teaches according to her individual talents and challenges. Scarlett began taking lessons when she was five years old and it has been great          so well. Most importantly, Scarlett enjoys and respects Mrs. Sirarpi and always aims to please her. We are looking forward to bringing our little boy for piano classes soon. 

Thank you Mrs. Sirarpi and Sound of Music School


Luiza Manuelian

"satisfied parent"



Sound of Music school is a great place to learn and improve musical skills. The teachers are very loving, kind and thoughtful. The atmosphere is very playful and comfortable. It's a wonderful place for finding childs talents and capabilities. I have many great experiences while attending sound of music school. It can also be a spectacular way of searching a hobby. The school has a very nicely coordinated program that is inviting towards everyone. For me Sound of music school is truly an amazing and enjoyable advanture.
Armine chigiteminchyan
One of the most valuabe things I learned from Sound of Music School is patience. Now I feel more relaxed which also helps me with counting. All the teachers are very respectful and nice. I love sound of music school. I will recommend all the beginners to join Sound of Music School.
Silvia Dzhugaryan
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